Choose the colour or material you like

You can choose the colour of the Rosie model, the baffle is always made of layered glued beech. With the Christopher model, the options are virtually unlimited.

The carpentry workshop that manufactures our enclosures has many years of experience with various types of wood, including exotic ones, as well as with many colour coatings.

These experiences are important in the production of enclosures, which seems simple at first glance, but the perfect connection of the front baffle made of different materials to the back of the enclosure, which is painted, is not very simple.

For Rosie we always offer the front baffle made of material that is produced in Germany by gluing together thin slices of beech under high pressure. This creates a very strong material that presents many different shades of wood and just like solid wood its structure is always unique. Not only does it make it suitable for many different interiors, but it is really very hard, which has a beneficial effect on the sound of the speakers.

For the front baffle of Christopher we are able to provide almost any wood. The standard price already covers many beautiful types that will look splendid in your home.

Colour coating

For Rosie we offer semi-matte coating in the colours listed below. If you don't like any of them, we can mix any other RAL colours for you - see the link below.

Please, note that the colours displayed on your monitor are not accurate (unless you have colour-calibrated monitor) it is ideal to buy a color sample or borrow it, for example, in Hornbach.

With Christopher, you have complete freedom - the front plate is always made of solid wood, but the rest of the speaker can be done in piano gloss or automotive metallic paint of almost any color (see below).

We also offer matte metallic car paint. Choose car manufacturer and colour name - contact us

Should you have a special request regarding a colour finish, contact us and we will do our best to meet your expectations.

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