Top-class components

In terms of drivers we have selected the very best of Danish SB Acoustics – their top line - SATORI®By the way, SB Acoustics was originally founded by engineers who left ScanSpeak - both companies are now considered to be at the forefront of driver design and manufacturing.

The 7.5-inch mid-bass driver has a solid cast basket for maximum rigidity with a design that minimizes sound reflections. The paper-based membrane was developed in-house by SB Acoustics and named EGYPTIAN PAPYRUS ™. At first glance, the driver looks like a work of art, even its inner parts, which you don't normally see. The manufacturer really fine-tuned this product in every way.

In addition to its appearance, this driver has, of course, top parameters. It can play very precise and transparent mids and at the same time deep and clearly defined bass, which will comfortably fill a room with an area of ​​up to 45 m2. It is instantly obvious that the 158 cm2 can move a lot of air and with minimum distortion.

Its completely equal partner is a tweeter from the same manufacturer and also from the top series - SATORI®. Its front plate is made of solid aluminum and shaped to provide wide sound dispersion comparable to placement in waveguide. As a result, you will have more freedom of movement in your listening position. This state-of-the-art tweeter can convey unprecedented detail in its class without sharpness.

Even stiffer enclosure

The box is made from two materials - the baffle from 25 mm thick solid wood, the remaining part from equally thick MDF boards. Although the box is really stiff in this thickness, we have strengthened it further with a massive brace. In addition, the interior is lined with sound insulating material so as to minimize resonances and their impact on the resulting sound. The baffle edges are asymmetrically rounded to curtail diffractions, and we've repositioned the tweeter off-center for the most balanced sound delivery. Bassreflex can be found at the front for more accurate bass reproduction and more freedom in room placement.

In terms of materials, we can produce the front panel from European oak, maple, American walnut, ash or bamboo. For an additional fee, we are able to provide almost any type of wood including a special wood composite from Germany (Baubuche™).The front panel is sprayed several times with an acrylic matte formula, which perfectly treats the wood and at the same time emphasizes its appearance. The surface of the rest of the baffle is repeatedly sprayed with layers of paint and sanded and then varnish is applied, which hardens for 2 days and then is hand-polished to a deep piano shine.


One can't use some of the best drivers available, while saving on the internal electronics, which has a huge impact on the resulting sound. Top Superes resistors from the Danish Jantzen Audio can already be found in the Rosie model and we have used them here as well as air-core coils from the same manufacturer. This time, you will find top capacitors from the English Clarity Caps in the signal paths of both the treble and mid-bass drivers. They excel in precise presentation of details without unpleasant sharpness and even provide holographically three-dimensional reproduction. We again paid great attention to the phasing of the tweeter and mid-bass for great musical soundstage.

You will be able to appreciate details you have not heard before in your favourite recordings all without unpleasant brightness.

The speakers are designed as 8-ohm. The crossover is constructed so that it does not place high demands on your amplifier - the phase and impedance curves lack extremes that conventional amplifiers might not be able to deal with. However, please note that if you really want to enjoy and hear all that these speakers have to offer, we strongly recommend using a quality amplifier and music source, even high quality speaker cables will make a difference. Only then will you really appreciate their top sound.

Maybe something extra...

If you are after ultimate detail, we will offer the opportunity to order beryllium tweeters. It is the absolute top in dome tweeter technology regardless of price.

The biggest advantage of beryllium is high stiffness with low weight. Compared to titanium or aluminum, beryllium is 6 times stronger at the same weight, which makes it an ideal material for tweeters. There are very few companies that can even produce such drivers. Handling beryllium during production is extremely demanding and expensive, but the reward is the absolute top in the reproduction of higher tones. Beryllium is also used by Magico in its uncompromising speakers, which according to many reviews stand among the best in the world. Here, however, we are talking about many hundreds of thousands to millions of CZK per pair…


Impedance: nominal 8Ω (min 4,5Ω at 3,1 kHz)

Frequency response: (-6dB) 40 – 40 000 Hz

Sensitivity: 88 dB / 2,83V / 1m

Recommended amplifier power: 50-120 W (8Ω)

Continuous max power handling (IEC): 60W

Crossover: phase-aligned, series

Tweeter: 25mm (1″) SB Acoustics SATORI®

Mid-bass driver: 190mm (7,5″) SB Acoustics SATORI®, EGYPTIAN PAPYRUS™ cone, cast chassis

Dimensions (h x w x d) in mm: 400 x 300 x 350

Weight: 32 kg (pair without stands)

Connection: Massive gold-plated individual terminals

Isolation: adhesive silicon pads rubber self-adhesive pads

Suitable for rooms up to 45 m2

Final price per pair (without stands): 79 990 Kč

(Surcharge for special types of wood)

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