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For Rosie you can choose between real-wood veneers, many semi-matte colours

The carpentry workshop that produces our enclosures has many years of experience with veneers, semi-matt varnishes as well as many different types of wood. It cooperates with a veneer shop that has access to many interesting materials so apart from our standard offering we are able to provide just about any type of real wood veneer upon request.

For the front baffle of Christopher we are able to provide almost any wood. The standard price already covers many beautiful types that will look splendid in your home.

Just a few words about veneers - it is a thin slice of wood manufactured by cutting or peeling from actual tree logs. Veneers have all the qualities of wood. You can distinguish veneers from wood by repeating wood structure patterns. It comes in different thickness - we use thicker veneers of 0,5-0,9mm from an old veneer shop in Zbraslav.

Someone may turn their nose up at the veneer, but you will also find it in significantly more expensive speaker models. High-quality wood veneer is an ideal finish for several reasons:

Veneer can be made from just about any wood including exotic kinds. There is also "burl" which comes from wood with imperfections introduced by a parasite. It creates a swirling pattern lending it a unique appearance. Massive wood cannot be obtained from this material, so veneer is the only way to achieve this unusual wood finish.

If you choose veneer finish, the box can be manufactured from a more suitable material - e.g. MDF boards, which are strong, unlike wood completely homogenous and do not crack due to humidity changes. They come in different thickness which allows us to build a very stiff box for a reasonable price and the customer can choose any finish he likes. This material is frequently used to manufacture much more expensive speakers.

Where solid wood would simply be unreachable at this price point, you can have an exclusive looking speaker thanks to real-wood veneer.

Wood and wood veneer

For Rosie we offer wood veneer which is glued by hand on the box with several coats of lacquer applied with sanding between different layers. The resulting finish is semi-matte and lets the wood grain shine. Veneer below is our standard offer for the same price. If you require veneer from a different type of wood let us know, we will try to get it for you. Upon request we can even wood inlay, i.e. arranging and gluing different types of veneers, which then create a picture or a monogram.

With Christopher, we manufacture the front baffle from solid wood of your choice. It is sprayed several times with an acrylic matt lacquer, which perfectly treats the wood and at the same time highlights its pattern. The types of wood listed below are standard for the same price. If you would like a different one, let us know, we will provide it for you.

Please, notethat a particular real-wood veneer or solid wood of course varies from tree to tree and will not have exactly the same structure and color as in the pictures above. American walnut veneer is stained brown for greater long-term color stability. The elm may be lighter than in the picture.

Colour coating

If you don't like veneer or it does not fit in the design of your interior, you can choose

For Rosie it is in the form of matt paint in the colors listed below (according to RAL). Don't like any? No problem, we can mix any other RAL or NCS colours for you - see links below.

With Christopher, you have complete freedom - the front plate is always made of solid wood, but the rest of the speaker can be done in piano gloss or automotive metallic paint of almost any color (see below).

Metallic car paint - for a surcharge on individual request we offer metallic car paints in glossy or matte version. Choose a car maker, color and glossy or matte version of the metallic paint. Contact us

Should you have a special request regarding a colour finish, contact us and we will do our best to meet your expectations.

Please, note that the colours displayed on your monitor are not accurate (unless you have colour-calibrated monitor) it is ideal to buy a color sample or borrow it, for example, in Hornbach.

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