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Detail and pleasant sound tend to be mutually exclusive. If you want extreme detail, you should typically prepare for a harsh or bright sound. We aspired for balance between these opposing sides and believe, we have found it. You will want to listen to the detailed sound for hours. Speakers are voiced to sound neutral and very good even at low volume.

Of course, when designing our speakers, we wanted to achieve deep bass and that determined the selection of suitable mid-bass driver. This turned out to be surprisingly difficult. There are actually only a few suitable drivers that satisfied our requirements. Considering the size of our speaker the resulting depth and firmness of low frequencies that our speakers can deliver is incredible.

We use components exclusively from renowned manufacturers from Europe. e.g. drivers from Denmark or quality parts for the crossover from Danish Jantzen Audio or ClarityCaps from UK. Wiring from Swedish Supra Cables.

Speaker must be beautiful! We like classic design with fine craftsmanship. We therefore outsource our boxes to an experienced woodshop with tradition spanning decades and used to making much more difficult wood products.

As we save on distribution costs (you are buying from the manufacturer), which are considerable in audio products, we could spend more to buy higher quality components and materials so compared to our competition, you get better sound for your money.

Introducing significantly enhanced Rosie Mk III

Introducing the brand new George loudspeaker

Reviews of the previous version of Rosie loudspeakers

"Speakers aren't particularly demanding on electronics or positioning, and they can play nicely in the most honest sense of the word, so it's a pleasure to listen to any music."

"Calm sophistication reveals details in the recording without any problems, we are already in the realm of higher hi-fi, where the level of insight and overall non-violent clarity speaks to the fact that a normal price tag for such a sound would be higher."

"It is definitely worth mentioning how the Rosie Mk II handles the dynamics at low volume levels. The recording of Ravel's "Bolero" held shape better than expected, the orchestra already had some reasonable size, and the music had a good punch at low volume. "

"Setting up the Rosie Mk II in the room was not difficult and it must be said that the soundstage was downright nice..."……"My Old Flame" by Bob James and David Sanborn spread out behind the speakers and even included a clear presentation of the depth of the scene.

"Such high quality premium components on a printed circuit board with a galvanically reinforced copper layer are hard to find even in crossovers of much more expensive systems."

"Soundstage presentation and location of individual instruments are really great."

"The sound image retains clear contours in more fragmented recordings even at higher volumes."

7 reasons for buying our speakers

30-day trial period

You have 30 days for trying out our speakers in your home. If there is anything you don't like, we will refund your purchase.
We understand that until you hear our speakers in your home, you cannot be absolutely sure, that you will like them. You have different amplifier, different signal source and most importantly different room compared to a listening studio.

It's very simple. Since the day our speakers are delivered to your home, you have 30 days for evaluation. If there is anything you don't like, you will just send us a message to, send us the speakers back in original packaging and we will refund your purchase.

This guarantee applies only to Rosie model in standard finishes.

Podrobné podmínky zde

Higher quality for the same price

You buy directly from the manufacturer so we save on costs on dealer and hifi studios (30-50% from selling price) so we are able to purchase much higher quality components and materials.

Only high-quality parts

We use components exclusively from renowned manufacturers from Europe - drivers from Denmark or high-quality parts for the crossover from Danish Jantzen Audio or ClarityCaps from UK.

We are independent

We are Czech family business, so nobody tells us where to save money or cut corners. We simply like making beautiful speakers with great sound.


Czech craftsmanship. No factory in China. We have the speaker enclosures made for us by a wood workshop with a long tradition.

Czech product

We are Czech and are proud to develop and manufacture our speakers in the Czech Republic. Free shipping to most EU countries.

Other have said about our speakers

Do you want to hear our speakers?

You can try them with your amplifier.

Various finishes to fit your home

The baffle made from a special beech material for Rosie and Christopher, for Christopher, you can different types of wood. Semi-matte colour finishes, polished piano lacquer for Christopher.
... and almost anything on request

Our speakers


Introducing significantly enhanced version of our two-way bookshelf bassreflex speaker with big very pleasant, yet detailed sound and quite a deep and firm bass considering its size. Suitable for rooms up to 35 m2.


Introducing large bookshelf two-way speakers with a front bass reflex and a top-of-the-range components. In terms of sound, Christopher goes far beyond what the Rosie model offers, both in the detail of the presentation, and in the depth of the bass and size of soundstage. And all this in a luxurious design.


The new model of two-way speakers with a large, very lively and dynamic sound. The 10-inch mid-bass and compression tweeter in a horn sound different from what you are used to in home audio in the best sense of the word.


Speaker stands

We offer heavy and sturdy stands for our speakers. The cast iron base ensures a low center of gravity and sufficient weight (14.5 kg/piece) and the overall construction has great strength and rigidity. Suitable for Rosie and Christopher speakers. The diameter of the base is 43 cm and the height is 73 cm. On the upper base, we attach self-adhesive larger silicon pads that keep speakers in place and also absorb vibrations. We offer these stands in matt black. (not sold separately)

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