• Higher-quality tweeter from Danish Scanspeak
  • Completely redesigned crossover, new with excellent Jantzen Audio Superior capacitors
  • Premium components only from European manufacturers, the vast majority from Denmark
  • Best-in-its-class mid-woofer from Danish SB Acoustics
  • Stiff enclosure from 22mm MDF, baffle from a very hard material
  • More detailed yet still pleasant sound for long listening sessions
  • Deep and surprisingly powerful bass, in rooms already from 37Hz
  • More transparent and at the same time pleasant and full mids
  • Freedom in positioning in the room thanks to the bass reflex in the front, easy to set up
  • Easy pairing with amplifiers, not presenting a demanding load even for less expensive ones
  • Well-defined soundstage with clearly separated instruments
  • More balanced expression between bass, mids and highs

Pleasant sound with a lot of detail

In the new model, we use a different tweeter also from ScanSpeak, but from a higher category, which has a front plate made of solid aluminum, but more importantly a lighter weight diaphragm, so it can play with more ease and more details. Especially the use of high-end capacitors in the crossover allowed it to really stand out.

The mid-bass speaker from the Danish SB Acoustics is unsurpassed in this class in the detailed and transparent presentation of the mids and at the same time in the depth and power of the bass. This is already its second improved generation. The cast aluminum basket guarantees a stable and precise position of the individual parts of the driver. You would find this speaker with an innovative paper-based membrane in significantly more expensive speakers on the market. We also used a higher quality capacitor in the crossover and it rewarded us with details that we simply could not hear in the previous version. In combination with a paper membrane, the sound is still natural and pleasant.

Front bass reflex allows for more freedom when placing the speaker in your room (you can place the speaker closer to the wall) and we feel it leads to more accurate rendering of bass.

All this leads to pleasant, full-bodied detailed sound.

Custom colour finishes

Přepracovali jsme design, takže přední deska je vždy z vrstveného bukového materiálu a zbytek ozvučnice je možné získat s polomatným lakem v odstínu dle vzorníků RAL nebo libovolným matným metalickým auto lakem.

High-quality components

Naše reproduktory osazujeme výhradně komponenty od renomovaných evropských výrobců. Např. měniče z Dánska, do výhybek montujeme špičkové rezistory Jantzen Audio Superes, cívky se vzduchovým jádrem a svitkové kondenzátory od dánského výrobce Jantzen Audio a anglického ClarityCaps. V této nové verzi jsme ovšem na klíčových místech poprvé použili špičkový kondenzátor Jantzen Audio Superior, který posouvá zvuk úplně do jiných výšek – vyniká detailním podáním, ale zároveň velmi přirozeným projevem. V této cenové kategorii budete velmi těžko hledat reprosoustavy se srovnatelnou kvalitou komponentů ve výhybce.

Internal cabling uses oxygen-free copper wires (5N - OFC 99.999%) from Swedish SUPRA Cables. Robust terminals are gold-plated and compatible with banana plugs, spades as well as bare wires.

Stiff enclosure and extra damping

The rigidity of the box is crucial for clear sound expression without resonances penetrating outwards, which is why we make it from solid and homogeneous 22 mm MDF boards. Also, we use an adhesive that has greater strength in the joint than the board itself. The result is a 22 kg pair of speakers, which is definitely above average in this category.

V této nové verzi je přední deska zhotovená z materiálu, vyráběného v Německu, kde jsou tenké plátky buku lepené pod velkým tlakem, výsledkem je velmi tuhá a tvrdá deska, což má blahodárný vliv na pevnost zvuku.

You will not find any chipboard in our speakers.

For internal insulation we use 2 types of material to better dampen vibrations leading to improved taming of internal vibrations.


It is a key part of the speaker, which fundamentally affects the resulting sound. The original version was redesigned practically from the ground up for the new model. It had to be modified due to the use of a different tweeter but we rebuilt it completely This allowed us to use Jantzen Audio Superior capacitors, because that was the only way we were able to get the most out of the drivers used. Its development and sound tuning took us more than a year, but the result is much more mature, detailed and at the same time pleasant to listen to. Also, the result is more balanced across the sound spectrum. This time we dove into really big details, we even listened to combinations of different types of capacitors of the same values, so that the result was in as good in overall harmony as possible.

PCB for the crossover is custom-made for us, of course, with a double layer of copper. We designed everything for the best possible signal passage.

The crossover is designed in such a way that even less expensive amplifiers will have no problem driving the speakers, they are generally less demanding to pair with electronics.

Our speakers will grow with your hifi system

If you want to improve the sound of your stereo system, it is good to start with the speakers, there you will usually hear the biggest difference. If you decide to buy more expensive electronics over time, the sound quality will move even further. We tested our speakers with many different amplifiers, such as the Onkyo TX-SR500E, which is many years old and not very powerful, and they sounded surprisingly good. One of our clients connected them to the Onkyo TX-8270 receiver with great satisfaction. We even tested them with the PrimaLuna ProLogue Five tube amplifier giving out maximum of 36 Watts and managed to play without any problems. In the end, we tried how they will sound with the high-end (and very expensive) Devialet Expert Pro 220 and the result was amazing in all respects. Improvements in the clarity of the mids and highs, the accuracy and strength of the bass, and the overall sound quality in general were clearly heard each time. By that we mean that Rosie are quite versatile and will grow with your system - if you decide to buy better electronics, our speakers will reward you with audibly better sound.


Impedance: nominal 4Ω (min 4,1Ω at 150 Hz)

Frequency response: (-6dB) 37 – 23 000 Hz

Sensitivity: 87 dB / 2,83V / 1m

Recommended amplifier power: 50-100W (4Ω)

Continuous max power handling (IEC): 60W

Crossover: phase-aligned, parallel

Tweeter: 25mm (1″) Scan-Speak s hedvábnou kalotou

Mid-bass driver: 160mm (6″) SB Acoustics, paper cone, cast chassis

Dimensions (h x w x d) in mm: 370 x 270 x 305

Weight: 22 kg (pair without stands)

Connection: Massive gold-plated individual terminals

Isolation: adhesive silicon pads rubber self-adhesive pads

Suitable for rooms of up to 35 m2

Break-in time: minimálně 50 hodin

Cena za pár (bez stojanů): 39 900 Kč (vč DPH)

(individuální povrchové úpravy a magnetické kryty na reproduktory za příplatek)

Listen to Rosie Mk III online - UNDER PREPARATION - in the meantime, you can listen to Rosie Mk II

(If you want to hear the sound in FLAC 44 kHz or FLAC 192 kHz, send us a message). .

We recommend listening with higher quality headphones

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