How it all started

Opustil kariéru bankéře a začal navrhovat a vyrábět reprosoustavy

After 20 years of a career in large corporations, most recently in banking, Jakub decided to pursue his great passion and finally started creating something with his hands. Listening to music has always been a source of reassurance and joy for him. At the same time, he was constantly chasing better and more expensive hi-fi to make the experience as faithful as possible. During this trip, however, he discovered that true quality is usually available for a lot of money. But there are exceptions! He therefore wanted to come to the market with a product whose quality would significantly exceed the competition in its price class. From the beginning, it was clear that it was necessary to go with direct sales route without distributors. This creates significantly more space for the purchase of higher quality components and for the production of even better enclosures.

The result is a great sounding product with an exceptional ratio of performance and price.

For most of us, the look of the speakers is at least as important as the sound. We strive to create a new design which is functional. Thanks to made-to-order model, we can make Rosie (except for the front baffle) in almost any colour. Christopher is offered in almost unlimited scope of finishes and wood for the front panel.

If you are wondering about the name of our brand, then it might be helpful to know that our founder comes from Hýskov near Beroun.

We wish you many pleasant moments while listening to your favorite music.

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