Obviously, room for improvement is the largest room in the world!

Introducing an improved version of our Rosie speakers. We focused mainly on the crossover, where we managed to achieve calmer and more pleasant mids thanks to several modifications of components and partly also its overall design. Frequency response curve has flattened overall, but the main benefit is significantly larger and more accurate soundstage. We also proceeded to modify the bass reflex, which brought stronger and more accurate bass.

Pleasant sound with a lot of detail

We have selected a tweeter from a renowned Danish manufacturer ScanSpeak. Its asymetric positioning on the baffle serves a purpose - it helps a more balanced presentation of higher frequencies. It can play as high as 40 kHz.

Top-class midbass driver from Danish SB Acoustics is one of the best in its class and excels in detailed and transparent rendering of mids. At the same type it is capable of surprisingly deep and firm bass. Cast aluminum basket ensures perfect alignment of all parts. No wonder this driver can be found in much more expensive loudspeakers. Originally we used aluminum membrane but switched to paper-based one for more pleasant and natural sound, more forgiving with regards to electronics and recording quality.

Front bassreflex allows for more freedom when placing the speaker in your room (you can place the speaker closer to the front wall) and we feel it leads to more accurate rendering of bass.

All this leads to pleasant, full-bodied detailed sound.

Choice of many finishes

As our speakers are made-to-order, you can choose from whole variety of different finishes. For example, real-wood veneers or any colour from large RAL or NCS colour charts. For extra charge upon individual request we can even offer veneer inlay of your design (e.g. your initials) or apply metallic car paint. This way you can have a true original.

Some of the finishes are in stock. Check out our store and choose a finish to see if it is.

High-quality components

We use exclusively components from renowned European manufacturers, e.g. drivers from Denmark, high quality resistors and foil capacitors from Danish Jantzen Audio and ClarityCaps from the UK. For clean and transparent sound we use only air-core inductors. In this class you will have a hard time finding a speaker on the market with this level of crossover components. And we assure you that for example quality capacitors really make audible difference mainly in detailed yet very pleasant sound.

Internal wiring is made from oxygen-free high-purity copper (5N - OFC 99,999%) from Swedish SUPRA Cables.

Stiff enclosure and extra damping

The rigidity of the box is crucial for clear sound expression without resonances penetrating outwards, which is why we make it from solid and homogeneous 22 mm MDF boards. Also, we use an adhesive that has greater strength in the joint than the board itself. The result is a 22 kg pair of speakers, which is definitely above average in this category.

You will not find any chipboard in our speakers.

For internal insulation we use 2 types of material to better dampen vibrations leading to improved taming of internal vibrations.


This was by far the most difficult part of development of these speakers. Simply put, it is the brain and heart of the speaker that controls how the tweeter and midbase drivers "cooperate" to create the final sound. After a long development and more than 100 variants of crossovers, we used a series one, which sounded by far the best. This type of crossover is rarely used, partly because its development usually requires longer time and more tuning and measurements, but in case of our speakers, the reward is significantly better and clearer sound. At the same time, this type of crossover better aligns phase of the two drivers leading to larger and more accurate soundstage - more focused and thus the detailed sound of individual instruments.

In addition, the crossover is built so that it does not place excessive demands on the amplifier. Neither Impedance nor the electric phase will present problems for regular amplifiers.

We also took great care in the selection of components. We use high-quality parts from the Danish Jantzen Audio including Superes resistors considered to be one of the very best available also having very low manufacturing tolerance. For the tweeter that is very sensitive to quality crossover parts, we even used a very high-quality capacitor from the English manufacturer ClarityCap, because in this category, according to our listening tests, it lends our speakers the most pleasant sound without bright or sharp edges and with a lot of detail.

Circuit board is custom-made and includes double-thickness copper layer. Individual components are connected using large copper areas rather than thin paths. Soldering points have larger areas, especially those connecting cable for audio signal in and out of the crossover. In short, we have designed everything so that the audio signal can flow as smoothly as possible. The board is of course covered in lacquer for long-term resistance against oxidization.

Thanks to improvements in this new version, the sound in the most important mid frequencies is more pleasant and more balanced, but most importantly significantly larger and spatially deeper. You will hear the bass more accurate and firmer.

The speakers sound very good at low volume levels.

Our speakers will grow with your hifi system

If you want to improve the sound of your stereo system, it is good to start with the speakers, there you will usually hear the biggest difference. If you decide to buy more expensive electronics over time, the sound quality will move even further. We tested our speakers with many different amplifiers, such as the Onkyo TX-SR500E, which is many years old and not very powerful, and they sounded surprisingly good. One of our clients connected them to the Onkyo TX-8270 receiver with great satisfaction. We even tested them with the PrimaLuna ProLogue Five tube amplifier giving out maximum of 36 Watts and managed to play without any problems. In the end, we tried how they will sound with the high-end (and very expensive) Devialet Expert Pro 220 and the result was amazing in all respects. Improvements in the clarity of the mids and highs, the accuracy and strength of the bass, and the overall sound quality in general were clearly heard each time. By that we mean that Rosie are quite versatile and will grow with your system - if you decide to buy better electronics, our speakers will reward you with audibly better sound.


Impedance: nominální 4Ω (min 3,9Ω na 150 Hz)

Frequency response: (-6dB) 45 – 40 000 Hz

Sensitivity: 86 dB / 2,83V / 1m

Recommended amplifier power: 50-100W (4Ω)

Continuous max power handling (IEC): 60W

Crossover: phase-aligned, series

Tweeter: 25mm (1″) Scan Speak

Mid-bass driver: 160mm (6″) SB Acoustics, paper cone, cast chassis

Dimensions (h x w x d) in mm: 370 x 270 x 305

Weight: 22 kg (pair without stands)

Connection: Massive gold-plated individual terminals

Isolation: adhesive silicon pads rubber self-adhesive pads

Suitable for rooms of up to 35 m2

Price per pair (without stands): 35 990 Kč (incl. VAT)

(Ask for price of custom finishes)

Listen to Rosie online

(If you want to hear the sound in FLAC 44 kHz or FLAC 192 kHz, send us a message). The recording captures sound with aluminum midbass driver. We currently use paper-based cone. On the recording the sound is very similar, in-person listening would reveal a more pleasant sound of the paper cone.

We recommend listening with higher quality headphones